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Gobin Sura

Cars have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, classic cars even more so. The way they function, their unique charms and foibles, these are aspects which have always fascinated me. Fascination gave way to practical, first hand experience very early on, when I spent countless hours assisting my father working on cars of all kinds back in Kenya. I have incredibly vivid memories from this time; trying to find the right tools and assisting my dad, spending late evenings after school cleaning and rebuilding car components, weekends painting parts and bits on cars. It's an experience which has since proved invaluable, and one which has given me a good grounding in all aspects of automotive repair.

Classic cars continued to be an overarching passion in my life when I moved to the UK in 2004, turning my hand to mechanical repair work through the need to keep my own car on the road and in good order. It didn't take long for my hobby to turn into an all consuming passion, which ensured that I mastered the art of welding within an equally short span of time. As odd as it may sound, I actually like working on rusty cars; Repairing the corroded body panels and returning the vehicle back to former glory gives me a satisfaction, a sense of pride and achievement.

My mechanical and bodywork skills, coupled with my all consuming interest in older cars, meant that I was able to dovetail my time at college and university reading for a degree with a number of restoration projects. I was acquiring cars which had been standing for some time, steadily taking them back to bare metal before building them back up once again. It's hard to overstate how significant this experience has been, if only as it gave me a clear understanding of the challenges associated with a long term, in depth restoration.

Being so interested in older cars has gifted me an ability to think on my feet, to work around problems and to be able to engineer bespoke solutions to all manner of mechanical issues. It goes without saying that these skills have served me very well over the course of the 12 years I've been working on cars. Being brought up in a reuse and not disposable environment, I have a keen interest in doing what it takes to bring an old car back on the road professionally and therefore if required I can adapt and modify components and parts to ensure they meet or exceed the factory requirements.


Gobin Sura.